The Crow's Nest Marina Restaurant

The Crow's Nest Marina Restaurant was founded in October of 1976 by Steve Harner, Janis Payne-Harner, Harp Harner & Larry LaRocca. Larry moved on in 1986 and Harp Harner passed away in November 2005.

The original Crow's Nest seated 45 people on the second floor of the Tarpon Center Marina. The property immediately east of the Crow's Nest was the prior location of the Venice Yacht Club and the Happyland Seafood Restaurant. At the South Jetty, just west of us, Johnny Walkers Fish Camp operated until 1973.  Over the years, the business and the building have evolved and been improved into the restaurant we know today.


In 2017, after 40 years at the helm, Mr. Harner sold the restaurant to Alain Tallard and Philippe Roux, owners of three other successful restaurants.

As you can see, we've made many changes over the years. However, our way of doing business and mission statement have not changed. We continue to be "Great people committed to hospitality and striving to please every guest, every day."


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