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October Seafood Month | Venice, FL Seafood Restaurant

Welcome to October Seafood Month at our Venice, FL Seafood Restaurant, where we're diving into the depths of culinary excellence to bring you a month-long seafood celebration like no other. Each week, the Crow's Nest Restaurant will tantalize your taste buds with a brand-new seafood masterpiece, showcasing the finest flavors of the ocean. Check out the full month's specials below and then book your table here!

In celebration of Seafood month, we will also be offering 25% off our Wine Cellar List from October 1-31st! Pair one of our fabulous specials with your favorite bottle of wine!

Venice, FL Seafood Restaurant Featured Specials

We kick off this oceanic odyssey with our week 1 feature the delicate allure of Scallops Venice. Picture plump, succulent scallops, broiled with garlic butter, topped with breadcrumbs and served with couscous with basil cream and green beans. This dish is the embodiment of coastal sophistication; savor the sweet, buttery goodness of these pristine sea gems. It's a culinary voyage that sets the stage for an unforgettable month.

In the second week of our Venice, FL seafood restaurant featured menu, we bring you a true Floridian delight – Potato Crusted Mahi Mahi. This dish embodies the essence of local flavors, featuring a generous fillet of Mahi Mahi, encased in a golden, crispy potato crust topped with ginger aioli. Served with rice & roasted vegetables, this week 2 special at our Venice, FL restaurant will surely have your taste buds dancing.

We wrap up this celebratory month with week 3's feature Frutti de Mare Shrimp, Clams, Mussels, and Calamari Served over Linguine with a Seafood Sauce and week 4 a Seafood Sampler, Fried 4oz Lobster Tail, Fried Shrimp and 2 Stone Crab Claws Served with Coleslaw and Basmati Rice.

Make your reservation for your favorite featured special or one reservation for each week of this delightful October Seafood month! Book your table at our Venice, FL Seafood Restaurant here or call 941-484-9551

Venice, FL Seafood Restaurant featured menu


Rory Girl
Rory Girl
Oct 06, 2023

Disappointed that the Crows nest does not offer any vegetarian entrees.

Mary ellen Schwarz
Mary ellen Schwarz
Oct 27, 2023
Replying to

I saw several vegetarian options on the menu. At least 3. just saying

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